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My name is GenaLeah, and I love cartoons! I even draw 'em sometimes. I generally don’t take art requests unless I make a post asking for some.




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Jordanimate’s OFF 3D

After all the weeks of hard work, I hope you can finally appreciate all the hard work I put into creating this <3

To see the full photosets, check out my blog. If you ever use the pictures for anything, please credit me, and notify me if you want because it’d be nice to see what my work has influenced or helped ;u; 

And also putting drawings/sprites into any of these pictures is very much welcome <3

I will put every single photo I have used for my OFF project into a page on my blog if ever you need them! 

Thanks again~ 

EDIT: Added Zone 3

EDIT 2: Added The Room

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These backgrounds are pretty fantastic, too. The Crossroads were the coolest to me.


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The character designs in this game are so good… They’re really inspiring to me, I love the sharp angles contrasting the curves.


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Also I was going to suggest sending my monkey island 3 files, as my friend had recently given me his disc ^-^ An amazing game <3 I just need to play the tales games... Im not on my laptop so I dont know how big the file is >A<

THAT WOULD BE COOL, I would appreciate that! :D

I’m not sure how big the Tales games are, but I don’t think they’re tooooo bad? Maybe? It’s split up into 5 chapters.





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Maybe more people would pay attention to the Monkey Island games if we mentioned the fact that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are secretly based on them...


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Just thinkin about Betty


Just thinkin about Betty

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Whoah! I’ve been trying to look for good scans of these Tarot Cards for ages! One of my favorite moments in the ToMI series is when “The Lovers” card rips in half and Guybrush’s piece is placed on the “The Shivress”, making Elaine’s hair turn into the tip of Morgan’s blade over his neck.


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(Messed up on my responce) But yeah, the third is really awesome. We still have the original discs. I wish they had it on steam! Especially since they wouldn't have to update the graphics since it's all in a wonderful 2-D animated style. But man, that wannabe pirate, Guybrush has been such a big part of my gaming childhood. It's great to see more love for the series.

Yeah! I’m not sure why they haven’t given it a re-release…

Guybrush is high among my favorite characters, and the MI series are some of my favorite games!

It's so bizarre to see Monkey Island stuff on my dash! I'm so used to not having anyone even know it exists. I grew up watching my dad and older brother play the games (playing them myself later on) and it's seriously one of my favorite childhood games! Three in particular is my absolute fav.

It’s amazing how under-rated it is online! That series is the bee’s knees. I recently played through Tales with my friend, so I’m checking to see what of it is around on tumblr….

AND AUGH i really want to play the third game, but it’s not very easily available! I hear it’s a great one!



The Rescuers - Milt Kahl

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