Ok, one last Clarence thing. I am completely awed by how easily this show is able to bring me back to my childhood. There are certain moments that practically knock the air out of me because they hit so hard. I remember that. I remember that exact thing!

It’s the little details that get me. This show perfectly captures lower-middle-class childhood. Don’t have money for the arcade? Just pretend you’re playing! Plastic bag kites, taking extra candy out of the tray.. They’re such tiny things, but the inclusion of them makes this show feel really real.

Also, kudos to everyone doing the backgrounds and props on this show. Everything feels lived in! Nothing is left unbroken, and that’s exactly what children do to a place.




ideky more people dont care about gamethyst cuz, like, LOOK AT THIS. she’s used to pearl being a bitch towards her and oh-so-confidently looks at garnet for someone to back her up, and the FACE SHE MAKES when garnet criticizes her instead is so freaking heartbroken like god

she really expected garnet to take her side on this and that kind of surprises me and confuses me and i want to know more about the gems’ pasts hahaa. and then after amethyst leaves pearl acts like a douche again and garnet just doesnt want to talk about it cuz she hated having to scold amethyst :( she wants to let amethyst live the way she wants to live but sometimes its difficult i guess BUT MAN. amethysts face. ughhh

in the last episode, Garnet didn’t really seem to care what amethyst did (eating a cloud, getting hit by an airplane), which makes me think Garnet very rarely scolds Amethyst, which is why it hurt her feelings so much



i’m really interested in seeing how clarence’s relationship with chad will pan out as the show develops. it’s refreshing to see a cartoon where the boyfriend/girlfriend of a parent isn’t villainized in the eyes of the child. clarence’s real father obviously isn’t in the picture, and although clarence is most likely emotionally damaged from it, he not only accepts chad as his new guardian/father-figure, he also embraces him. even if chad has some flaws (whether or not the milk he was drinking in the pilot was actually supposed to be milk or if it was cartoon network’s PG version of beer—alcohol substitution not uncommon for the network—is unclear), i don’t think i’m jumping the gun here by saying that even after only 3 episodes and some preview clips, it seems like chad genuinely cares for clarence, and it’s nice to see that those feelings are reciprocated and that clarence thinks chad is pretty cool, too. i’m really excited to see more interaction between clarence and his family.

YESSS Their relationship is really important! There’s been a ton of positive reception about this scene. I think a big part of it is that these kind of child/step-guardian relationships don’t get brought up in cartoons a whole lot, but that’s the reality for so many people!

I was glad to see this post about Clarence blowing up last night! Yessss. Watch Clarenceeee.

But I have another great thing I wanted to point out! While the show hasn’t quite passed the Bechdel test yet (his mom ordering lunch doesn’t count), there’s still some very positive touches. So far, when he’s given an option Clarence almost always goes for the feminine-coded choice. He favors the color pink! Even Sumo was totally content with playing with the girl toy by himself. 

Also, Clarence is totally enthusiastic about making friends with girls! And considering how well-written and realistic Amy was, I’m excited to see the other kids too. There’s no “others”-ing going on here. 

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but even little things like this can be encouraging for kids who like things outside the gender binary, or want to make friends without feeling the ever-present pressure of romance that permeates all other media. This stuff makes a difference! Heck, I remember being told in elementary school that blue couldn’t be my favorite because it was a “boy’s color”.

It’s just.. this kind of representation is nice, and it makes me happy to see the change that children’s media is making. 

rad-roach asked:

JFC what is going down over in Adventure Time? I haven't gotten myself caught up yet (150+ episodes is a tad daunting.) but I've heard nothing but nasty things about PB and Finn over these past few months that kinda don't make me WANT to get caught up.

/SHRUG?? I guess that’s just one of the downsides of having a show with such a big and varied writing team that switches out over time.

I’m hoping it’ll turn around though!